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According to WIKIPEDIA there are more than 600 species of birds in Portugal. Not all are native, many are migratory but what a huge choice for a birdwatcher...!!! If he is really lucky he shall have entertainement  for years...

(photo: Pedro Olivença)
There is a wide choice of sceneries. From the green hills of the Northwest, to the vast planes of the South, from the rough mountains of the East to the romantic lagoons of the West, from the cliffs of the rocky coast to the ponds of the estuaries, there is a never ending of living colours, a rainbow of feathers, a symphony of songs from these lovely creatures for our own pleasure and delight.

(photo: Pedro Olivença)
Teased by the idea? Ravished by the excitement of the discovery? Come and explore, enjoy the Portuguese hospitality, the delicious flavour of our food, the superb choice of our seafood, the unique sweetness of our desserts and the vast selection of our excellent wines...

Portugal is a cheap country to live.

(photo: Joaquim Antunes)
Get lost in our bushes and forests, widen up your eyes with the beauty of our landscapes, wander along the banks of our rivers and plunge in the memories of our history since almost 900 years ago.

(photo: Pedro Olivença)

Run along our endeless beaches, climb our hills in the search of the beloved living jewels of your hobby. And don’t forget to explore the secret wonders of our Atlantic islands of Azores and Madeira.

And when you return home, besides the images captured by your camera, you shall have your heart warmed by good memories and your soul revived  and cleansed, ready for a happy return to your daily life.

(photo: José Sousa)

Requiring further information?
Visit and explore the sites:

where you will find a comprehensive list of most of our birds, their locations and habitats.

(photo: João Edgar)

And if you would like further information you may contact directly

Gonçalo Elias - Aves Portugal

Come on, enjoy and be welcome. You will be amazed. And will return, year, after year...

Portugal will pamper you...!

(photo: Pedro Olivença)

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